SMS Marketing Is Here To Stay

Quick question: Is your mobile phone next to you right now?

Chances are it is or you are using it to read this article right now. Based on Counterpoint Research (CPR) report, one in four Malaysians spend more than 7 hours a day on their smartphones. Making it known that Malaysians are clearly glued to their mobile devices. Yet, many marketers are not making use of SMS marketing and bulk text messaging campaigns.

With alternative messaging services like Facebook Messenger, many view SMS as a passing trend.

Here are 5 good reasons why SMS is still relevant even as technology evolves:

1. Mobile Friendly

Even though there is a rise in smartphone users, many still opt for feature phones. This is why SMS still matters hugely as it is compatible with every mobile device and you wouldn't need to worry about getting your customers on board in using the latest technologies.

2. Instant Deliverability

SMS are usually delivered within seconds; your customers will immediately see your customized text message on their mobile device. There will rarely be any delay. Other online marketing channels are also fast, however, with Malaysia's slow internet connection speed, subscribers might be slow to notice your latest deals or reminders.

3. Cost-Effective

Some find SMS campaigns to be expensive when they calculate their message per cost (depending on route type). But compared to the cost of other marketing channels like social media or email marketing, SMS marketing is a relatively cheap option. With messages costing only a few cents, it can reach thousands of customers instantly with little effort.

4. Excellent Read-Through Rates

SMS is short and informative, with around 160 characters, it can be read in seconds. This gets the needed message across instantly without any messing around. Unlike social media and email campaigns, SMS will not get lost in filters, which means it can reach almost anyone with a mobile phone. However, some words do get blocked by Telco (for further info, please contact us).

5. Integrated With Other Channels

More companies are incorporating SMS marketing into their other marketing channels. I believe you have received SMS where they provide you with the link to their company's website or to their email campaign. That’s the most common form of integration but it is really up to the marketer’s creativity.