SMS Complements Email Marketing

Even with the rise of social platforms, businesses still view email marketing as a powerful and effective tool to communicate with their client and prospect base. Especially since many email marketing platforms are available for free these days, it became the go-to marketing technique of start-ups across different industries.

However, it does have one major drawback: personal email inboxes are overflowed with newsletters, causing people to grow tired of them or just not notice them. Based on a report by GetResponse, the average open rate for email marketing in Southeast Asia is 26% with a 4.9% Click-through Rate (CTR) with it having the poorest performance in Malaysia (Open Rate: 16.52% with 2.39% CTR).

Indeed, this might be the Achilles heel of email marketing. So, add SMS marketing to your email campaign. SMS marketing have different strengths and weaknesses from email marketing so when combined, they can complement each other effectively to strengthen communications and have a positive impact on marketing strategies.

Here are 3 examples on how SMS complement email marketing:

1. Reinforce the message

The main difference between SMS and emails is that SMS is for time sensitive communication while emails are used to send a large amount of informative content. You can use email to send your customers full details of an upcoming event or promotion, then use SMS to send short persuasive reminders and teasers as the date approaches. This will get your customers excited as it creates a sense anticipation and urgency.

2. Catch up with Stagnant Email Subscribers

Nearly every email list will have some inactive subscribers who don’t open or click into your campaigns as much but are still interested in your brand. Win them back with a SMS re-engagement strategy as it is often less expensive to target a current customer than to find a new one. As the average open rate for SMS is 98%, it will increase the number of people who will see the message. So follow up with them using SMS, informing them of the irresistible offer that is waiting in their email.

3. Learn More about your Subscribers

SMS messages are short and up to the point, therefore they have a better chance of keeping the recipient’s attention. You can use SMS to seek bits of new information about your email subscribers. For instance, if you have a huge email list and would like to segment them and get a quick overall picture of what they want, you can use SMS to send them a poll link. It will give you a quick overall picture of your subscriber’s interest.


Don’t be afraid to try out new strategies and combinations. Want to add SMS Marketing into your marketing mix? With SMSS360, you can easily get started. Contact us at 0179199338 for more info.