How SMS Reminders is Beneficial for Automotive Service Centres

In this demanding and fast-paced modern lifestyle, it is common for people to often overlooked at the importance of regular car care and maintenance. Based on the statistics provided by Universiti Putra Malaysia’s (UPM) Road Safety Research Centre (RSRC), there is still a high number of road accidents involved due to mechanical failure caused by faulty brakes, defective lamps, broken windscreens and etc

If customers were to follow their scheduled car maintenance plans, drivers can avoid the high cost of repairs and technicians would not need to deal with customer not wanting to pay the high price for their damage. However, as the usual recommended time for automotive visits are to be serviced every 10,000 km (more or less, depending on your car service internal), which it only hits after a few months (depending on how much a persons drive), with such a long span of time, drivers might forget about their appointments or just deemed it unnecessary.

Here are 2 ways Automotive Service Centres use SMS Reminders:

1. Appointment Reminders

Automotive service centres use SMS to reach out to their customers who are due for a car check-up. With a 90% open rate and almost everyone owning a mobile device, the chances of your customers reading your text message is very likely. Thus your customers will miss fewer appointments and your car service centres can increase their sales.

2. Vehicle Ready for Collection

IAs not every customer is willing to sit and wait in the service centre, you can send out a text message informing them their vehicle is ready for collection. Sending out a SMS can be better than a phone call because sometimes customers might be busy that they do not have time to answer your phone call.


SMS reminders are a good way for automotive centres and workshops to communicate with their customers and to get them to be present for their routine maintenance. Interested in how you can use our SMS service for your automotive centre/workshop? Contact us at 6017-9199338 for more info.