Why Choose Bulk SMS To Do Marketing?

If you haven’t start using SMS for your business, this is the post you must read. Start with SMSS360, FIVE reasons tell you why choose bulk SMS to do marketing.

Instant Reach

SMS is fast like super hero “Flash”, message will be reach customer’s handphone immediately. Almost all people own a mobile and all mobile devices must have the function of displaying text messages. Besides, everyone is carrying mobile to everywhere, no matter you are at home, work or others country. Your message will be delivered to them in a minute.

Straight To The Point

An SMS message already summarized out the important message for customers. One SMS message can involve 160 characters so write your message wisely. Over 160 characters will be charged extra cost. It is short but good, message will be easier to read and get the point by customers. Keep it precise and meaningful.

Cost Effectiveness

TV commercials, radio, newspaper ads and almost all forms of outdoor advertising are very high cost for those small to medium sized businesses. On the other hand, bulk SMS, RM200 able to notify around 3000 target customers about your special promotion/offer. Here is why should choose SMS other than traditional advertisement method.


Set up an outdoor advertising is not only costly, it also need to spend a lot of energy and time. Outdoor activities need much more manpower than bulk SMS, sometimes need to spend few days, weeks even months to complete it. Bulk SMS only need a device and our platform then all the marketing activities can start to perform, sending your marketing message to the customers easily.

High Open Rates

Research showed that 98% of text messages are read compare to emails, tweet, facebook post and others. Almost all the people will open and read the messages once they notice any messages come in. So, if you want your message is seen and read by your customer, choose SMSS360 all the time.