Improve Hair & Beauty Salons Business with Bulk SMS Marketing Service

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In the service sector, we all know that the customer’s experience helps to shape the improvement rate of one business. Every business would like to ensure that their clients are satisfied with their products or services. Heretofore, one of the methods used by hair and beauty salons to improve their business whilst retaining their existing client is through online bulk SMS service. Not only that Online bulk SMS service can help businesses to retain loyal customers, but it also helps to bring innovation to businesses during the process of understanding customer’s needs and wants.

Below are some of the reasons of why hair and beauty salons should use SMS marketing for improving their business:

1. Manage Your Schedule Well

What can be done by SMS bulk service? Firstly, hair and beauty salons can blast out messages to their customers and ask for their appointment confirmation. After that, they can arrange their schedule properly while looking for new clients to fill up empty schedule. Furthermore, the number of no-shows can be reduced by sending the reminder message 1 day before the client appointment as a reminder.

2. Improve Your Service

Business and services need to improve from time to time as only business that meets client’s requirement standstill in the market. To improve a product or services, hair and beauty salons can send mobile surveys via SMS and to reward their customers that completed the surveys. The more the feedback that you have collected, the more the improvement that you can execute.

3. Send Sales Promotional Messages

During festive or holiday seasons, it’s a great time to have a sales promotion. Thus, hair and beauty salons can inform their customers about the ongoing sales promotion for increasing their business revenue. Apart from that, loyal customers should be rewarded as well by sending a birthday offer or any promo code through SMS to reward their loyal customers. Bulk SMS service helps to reach out customers in a fast and effective ways with just one click.

The text messaging response is much better and quicker than email when it comes to collecting customer review and feedback as nowadays, an average time that a person looks at their mobile phone is around 5 minutes per time. Want to know more about how to improve your business? Contact us now: [email protected] or 017-9199338.