What is bulk SMS?

Maybe you have heard of SMS marketing, bulk text messages, SMS API, text message marketing, business SMS, SMS alerts etc., they all lead to the same thing: Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS means sending a large number of text messages at one go. Bulk SMS works similarly with the way we send SMS from our mobile devices. Yet there is a difference, bulk SMS are sent from the Internet using a reliable bulk SMS gateway, for instance SMSS360.

Also, it is not advisable for businesses to send a huge volume of SMS themselves because (i) there is a limit of SMS that can be sent out per day and (ii) they may face the risk of having their account suspended by their own Telco. Another important note is that if you are sending out bulk SMS, you must understand the regulations and restrictions that are currently in place of the countries you want to send it to.

As the SMS are purchased in bulk, it is cheaper than regular SMS. This is why bulk SMS is a considerably cheaper marketing channel for mass communication. Business can use bulk SMS to send reminders, confirm bookings or confirmations, update customers on their latest products, send promotional offers, run competitions etc., the possibilities are endless! Based on a SMS marketing research, text messages have a 98% open rate and are read by recipients within 3 minutes. This indicates that the intended message will get through the customers.


Using the right way to send bulk SMS can increase customer experiences and satisfaction. But do not send out those SMS with your own mobile device. Let bulk SMS gateway do the job. So start planning your marketing strategy with SMSS360.