Should Ecommerce Use SMS Marketing?

Rising incomes, growing smartphones and internet penetration are all factors that will increase Malaysia’s online market. Heading towards 2020, the Malaysian government implemented numerous incentives to encourage more involvement from entrepreneurs and businesses to ensure that the ecommerce sector continues to grow. So if you’re in an ecommerce business, you will be having a lot more competitors than before.

That’s why for you to continue to stand out from the crowd, your marketing efforts must reflect the evolving preferences of consumers. Reaching out to your consumers via SMS can create a seamless experience for the user which can help create loyal customers.

Here are 3 reasons on why you should use SMS marketing for your Ecommerce business:

1. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

According to SalesCycle report, 75.9% of online shoppers in Asia Pacific counties leave their orders behind instead of purchasing. By sending out a personalized SMS right after their cart abandonment for them to pick up where they left off will increase the chances of them completing the order. Be sure to provide a direct link to their cart so they won’t have to navigate to your site to continue the purchase. (You can also add in a desirable discount if you want)

2. Higher Response Rates than Email

Compare to SMS marketing that has 98% open rates and it usually read within 3 minutes, the average open rate for email marketing in Southeast Asia is 26% with a 4.9% Click-Through Rate (CTR) and it has the poorest performance in Malaysia (Open Rate: 16.52% with 2.39% CTR).

As your customers are most likely to read your SMS, send them information about ongoing sales or special offers. Use your customer’s shopping and browsing history to send out marketing messages unique to them. For instance, your customer ordered a yoga mat, you can follow up by suggesting other yoga accessories such as clothes, CDs or books.

3. Creates Trust

Customer experience and acquisition is becoming less about price and more about convenience and ease of communication. SMS marketing can help in the customer experience by reaching out to them asking if they need any assistance. When purchasing from an unfamiliar source, customers may feel uncertain which will lead to doubt and inaction. You can send out a SMS that provide your customers with access to a customer service team member. This act will make customers feel respected and can extend to the trust required to close the transaction.


SMS Marketing can be a great tool for Ecommerce businesses to reach out and reactivate existing customers. The advantage of SMS marketing is the added personal touch and customization it offers. By sending out personalized ecommerce SMS, it will not only help improve and boost your sales, it will also contribute to improving brand loyalty in the long run. If you are interested in sending out bulk SMS online for your ecommerce business, contact us at 6017-9199338.