Reduce Cart Abandonment with SMS Remarketing

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most common problems faced by E-commerce and online retailers. Based on a remarketing report by SalesCycle, Asia Pacific countries have the highest cart abandonment rates, with 75.9% of online shoppers leaving their orders behind instead of purchasing.

This is mainly due to the many other options available online; consumers expectations are rising higher especially when it comes to choosing how they engage with a business and receive their purchase. So it is important to find out what cause shoppers to abandon their cart; find out which areas failed to meet their expectations and pair it with a remarketing strategy to win them back.

Before we jump into the examples, it is important to remember these 2 things that help contribute to a successful SMS retargeting strategy.

1. Target the right offer to the right audience

It is important to send personalized SMS on offer deals on related products or services based on the customer’s area interest. Knowing your customer’s motivation is essential to winning them back into using your service or purchasing your product.

2. An irresistible offer along with a strong call-to-action

The offer should be attractive enough to encourage them to start buying or they might miss their chance on that sweet deal! Your call-to-action should also be simple yet actionable, having a clear guide that directs your consumers into doing what you want them to do.

Here are 3 SMS remarketing best practices for high conversions:

1. Follow up abandoned shopping carts

According to an analysis by ReadyCloud, one of the primary reasons for cart abandonment was that the shopper was just browsing through. Pitch to the cart abandoners by sending out a reminder SMS that there are still items in their cart along with a desirable discount and text link to complete their purchase. This will give them the push to act now, instead of letting it go and miss out on a good deal.

2. Engage with inactive visitors

Many shoppers often create an account with you but back out of a purchase because of the high shipping and handling cost. What if there’s a way to re-engage with these visitors who gave up halfway?

Reengage with them with a SMS on an offer for ‘free’ or discounted shipping, using a strategy where they would have to purchase a certain amount to get it. It was found out that consumers were more likely to make a purchase and bought more than they need to, just to get the free shipping.

3. Take note of important events

It is common for shoppers to wait until the holiday seasons (or any events), to buy themselves the thing they have had their eye on all year. Since price cuts is a must during festive seasons (and you are going to do it), make it known to your cart abandoners by sending them an SMS, offering exclusive discounts for the items that they were interested in. It is a great way to recover lost sales and a great excuse for them to spurge on themselves.


Shopping cart abandonment does not end with SMS remarketing strategies. But if done right and/or paired with other possible marketing channels, you will give yourself the best possible shot at lowering it down.