SMS Marketing for Retailer

Promotion is one of the best way to lead sales in retail industry, but most of the promotion event only small group of people get to know about it. This is due to the wrong marketing strategy. A good promotion without a good marketing strategy, at the end customer will not know about the promotion. By using bulk SMS marketing, customer can immediately get to know about the promotion. Retailer also can implement different way of marketing solution with SMS.

Festival & Birthday Greeting

Major promotion will be implemented when the coming of festival- Chinese New Year, Aidilfitri, Deepavali, Christmas etc. At the day of twilight, send a personalized greeting message to your customer. This is a simple way to stay in touch with your customer. Personalized greeting messages can make customer feel that you care and like them. You can schedule time/date to send your SMS to the customer with our platform.


Send coupon/ voucher is an effective way to engage with you customers and build up your customer base. Sending coupon/voucher to customer will make them feel special, in the same time increase the customer loyalty. If you are doing online retail business, don’t forget to put your website or social media page in your SMS. It is important to increase the “Likes” and exposure of the page in the same times when sending the coupon/voucher SMS.

Shipment Confirmation

Shipment confirmation SMS report to customer about delivery status, so they will receive notification and be ready at the pick-up point at the specific time and date. By the way, customers will have better experience and satisfaction. At the same times, our company also can avoid delivery parcel to someone who forget date/time and pick-up point.


Completed the whole process of servicing, it’s time to get feedback from your client about your services/products. A good business need continuous do improvement to more competitive in the market. Using feedback SMS is the easiest and simplest way to collect those data