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What will be in your mind when you heard about “Short Code Messaging” or “Short Code SMS”? In Malaysia, short code SMS is short digit sequences that are shorter than mobile numbers whilst it is used to address messages in the Short Message Service (SMS) system of mobile network operator. Usually, short code SMS will have five- or six-digit number like “63000”. Short code SMS are pre-approved by carriers to have a high throughput. This makes them perfect for sending those high-volume or urgent messages.

Types of short codes SMS

There are 3 types of short codes SMS on the market, which are:

1. 2-Series short code SMS for cellular network operator’s own services. For instance; any promotional messages send by Celcom, DiGi, and Maxis for their new services, bonuses, balance check and so on.

2. 3-Series short code SMS for premium services assigned by cellular network operators (PCS providers) to mobile content services (MCS) providers.

3. 6-Series short code for corporate and bulk SMS services.

Business sector that suit to use short code SMS route

According to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), every short code message must start with a full and proper company name or company website. Due to short code SMS act as one-way SMS, the price of this route is cheaper and your recipients can only receive the message but could not reply to it. Hence, this makes short code SMS a great business marketing to send bulk text messages like blasting out a reminder message, OTP or Verification code, promotion messages and any notification message. In conjunction with this, the business sector that suit to use short code SMS route is Information Technology company, E-commerce or online shopping, and event management firms.

Various benefits of using short code SMS

The short code SMS route will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There are various benefits of using short code SMS. First, due to every short code message must begin with company name or website link, short code message becomes identifiable with your brand. When you’re competing for attention among other text messages, you’ll want your customers to know the message is from you so they won’t ignore it. Second, the number of short code SMS is only with 5-digit number, thus, it will be easy to remember besides easy to be recognized in the message list. Apart from this, short code SMS is a cost-effective marketing and communicating tools as the price is the lowest among other’s SMS route. Consequently, it is suitable to blast out huge amount of business promotion messages.

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