Fit SMS into your Omnichannel Strategy

Malaysians are hooked on online shopping because it is easy. From comparing prices to easy payment, their shopping experience just screams convenience. As a result, shoppers are demanding more from businesses, wanting better offers and services. This is why companies have to overlap both online and offline channels to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

In short, provide customers with an omni-channel shopping experience. Where customers get the same experience through every channel, allowing them to pick up where they left off. This helps strengthens the relationship between the company and their customers.

Here are 3 interesting ways to fit SMS into your omnichannel strategy:

1. Retargeting

Online shoppers frequently leave their carts before completing the purchase. So businesses combat it with email automation to remind customers of their unpurchased items. Yet based on a Southeast Asia analysis, the email open rate in Malaysia is just a mere 16.52%.

It is extremely important to contact your customers shortly after they left because they are still in buying mode. As there may be several factors that caused them to leave (for example limited payment method or shipping cost etc.), you can send out a SMS to inform them that their cart is still pending along with a call to action.

2. Loyalty Program

Malaysians love a good bargain. According to a study on Malaysians’ online purchase decisions, they are captivated by discounts and flash sales. Customers are encouraged to download a brand’s app to receive promotional offers. Imagine the number of apps a customer need to download to get the best deals, especially with limited phone memory.

Turn the game around by sending out the latest deals on your products or various kinds of promotions with SMS. If a customer previously purchased an item on your website and is currently on sale, notify them with SMS, not only can it boost conversion rates, it can build up customer loyalty.

3. Feedback

Customers are unlikely to offer feedback as time passes. Sending a SMS that has a link to a mobile-optimised survey right after a customer’s shopping experience allows you to capture quality feedback. Not only do you get to know what works and what doesn’t, your customers will feel appreciated as you value their feedback.


From retargeting, to using it as a loyalty program or a feedback tool, the ways to use SMS in your omni-channel strategy is endless. Plan it well, and you will not only increase your conversation rates, you will also build long term relationship with your customers.