3 Ways You Can Use SMS for Recruiting

Technological development has not only changed the way people communicate, but it has also created a more dynamic, ever-evolving business world. Therefore, as a recruiter or hiring manager, you need to move quickly and find creative ways to fill positions with qualified personnel that can deliver value to your organization.

As Malaysian Gen Y members make their way into the job market, it might seem that using popular live messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to manage candidate relationships would be the best approach. However, people are significantly less responsive to notifications from these platforms as when compared to SMS.

Also, SMS outshine traditional email approach. This is because people tend to overlook email communications or simply to find your offer too late (past the due date) because their inbox is filled with unwanted promotional emails or it’s under their spam mail. But SMS, on the other hand, carries a sense of urgency because it is generally used much more sparingly so it encourages people to read and respond in real time. As a result, SMS is increasingly becoming one of the most efficient ways of attracting top talent.

Here are 3 ways on how you can use SMS in your recruiting process:

1. Contact Potential Employees

When recruiters spot a potential candidate, they will start contacting them via phone, but the problem is, they’re not picking up. It is important to remember that not all candidates are interested in having a conversation with you when they’re at work (they might be nervous that the conversation might be overheard). Yet contacting them after your working hours might give them the impression that overtime is the company’s culture.
With SMS, you can contact suitable candidates discreetly. As SMS messages are short in nature (160 characters for 1 GSM Alphabet SMS and 70 characters for 1 Unicode SMS), your messages can include a short description of the job offering and a text link for interested candidates to get more details as well as for them to contact you.

2. Streamline the Screening Process

Using SMS to distribute job screening questions can help streamline the process of identifying the best candidates for an open position. From sending out SMS to find out which industries your potential candidates have previous experience in, to which positions they are interested in learning more about, it’s a fast and effective way to see if they are a good fit. Moreover, candidates can also discreetly find out whether if they are suitable for the position, without feeling too rejected if they are not.

3. Keep Applicants Informed

Once an interview with the candidate has been confirmed, you can send them the address of the interview location which includes the office number or suite, so they can easily put it into their Google Maps. Besides, it is also a good practice to tell them who their interviewer(s) is and what documents to bring.
You can also make use of SMS to give applicants timely updates on their application status. By regularly communicating with them, it will develop a better relationship and establish trust with candidates.


If you would like to speed up your recruitment process and attract top talents in the most cost-effective way possible, then you should consider using SMS. Want to know more? Contact us at 6017-9199338 for more information.