Why Should Property Agents use SMS Blast Service?

As a property agent, do you use SMS marketing to reach and engage with your leads? In today’s world, the best way to contact people is through mobile phone. With almost everyone having instant access to their handphones and feature phones still being used by many Malaysians aged 50 years old and above, SMS text messaging is a great way for you to reach your potential buyers and sellers.

Here are some of the reasons why real estate agents should be using SMS blast service:

1. High Read-Through Rate and Response Rate

Even with the rise of messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, the read-through rate and response rate for SMS text messaging is still relatively high. This is because in order to reach your customers via instant messaging app, they would first need to have the application and a stable internet access. Even if you do reach them, it may not gain much traction as Malaysians use these platforms to communicate with their friends and families. There may be a possibility where they may report your message as spam before deleting it causing your social media/instant messaging account to be banned.

As Malaysians appreciate a separation of private and business communication, it will be better for you to use bulk SMS for your marketing activities. With an open rate of 98%, it can lead to quite many conversions.

2. Saves Time: Reaching Your Potential Audience at once

With numerous mobile numbers from property master listing, it will be hard and time consuming to call each person one-by one. The other solution could be to use email marketing, however personal email inboxes are overflowed with other marketing newsletters, causing people to grow tired of them. Based on a report by GetResponse, the average open rate for email marketing in Southeast Asia is 26% with a 4.9% Click-through Rate (CTR) with it having the poorest performance in Malaysia (Open Rate: 16.52% with 2.39% CTR).

This is where SMS blast service comes along. With the option to easily upload your database excel file into your account, you will be able to easily send out your SMS text messages to everyone in your list, saving you valuable time to focus on other areas.

3. Manage Your Database: Filter Out Your Leads for Quality

It is crucial to keep your database up-to-date. If your recipient would like to opt-out from your list, you should honour their request and not send them further marketing communications. You can utilize two-way messaging to find potential prospects and filter out those who are not interested.

It is important to provide a clear Call to Action (CTA) in your message or it will leave your recipients wondering what to do next or on why they received the SMS in the first place. The CTA plays an important role because it tells your recipients what it is and what to do. For instance: ‘Click here (a text link) to contact us for more info’ or ‘Reply “YES” or contact 01X-XXX XXXX for more info’ etc. Your SMS should end with a strong CTA that is clear, concise, obvious and appealing to your recipients. With a strong CTA, it will help you easily identify your potential buyers and sellers because if they are interested in your property service, they will definitely reply your message.


Bulk SMS blast service is beneficial for property agents, if you are interested on how our service can help you in your property business, reach out to us at +6017-9199338.