3 Ways Universities/Colleges can use SMS

Based on a survey by HSBC, the working rates of university students around the world is at 83%, and in Malaysia, 9 in 10 students work while studying, most commonly because they need more money. This results in students spending less time on campus which presents a communication challenge to universities and colleges when they need to pass important information on to students and their parents.

With ‘State of Digital Lifestyles’ recent study on how almost 69% of Malaysians can’t do without their mobile phones for a day, it is possible that if universities and colleges implement text messaging in their communication plan, they can communicate with their students and parents more effectively.

Here are 3 examples on how Universities/Colleges can use SMS:

1. Student Admissionse

Universities and colleges can utilize SMS by sending out SMS to students who are interested in enrolling to their campus. You can also attach links to direct your potential students to the right department. Also, you can make use of our bulk SMS system to send out application and admission information to them as well as other important information such as billing.

For students who have already applied to your university/college, besides sending out the usual email (which may get lost in their inbox), your admission office can send status updates or any other additional information to those students via SMS, acting out as an enhancement to the standard emailing system.

2. Campus Alerts

It is very common for universities/colleges to inform and alert students and their parents via email or phone calls. But sometimes with the amount of spam mail and people avoiding calls from an unknown number or are just too busy to communicate on the phone, it is hard to get the message across.
By using our bulk SMS service, your admin can easily send out emergency alerts or notifications based on last-minute lecture room changes etc., which will be read within minutes by your students, parents, staff and faculty.

3. Academic Servicesp

With exams finals approaching, SMS is a great way of informing students on their exam dates as well as extensions of library hours. From upcoming workshops to information on majors and career options available for students, you can send all these texts to keep your students well- informed..
It can also be a great way of sending out exam results to students. This allow students to access their grades even without their internet facility, which can be of great convenience.


If you are in the education industry and have not taken advantage of the benefits SMS brings, you are falling behind! So contact us today to see how you can start using SMS to communicate with your students.