Methods that can Enhance an Effective Mobile SMS Contexts

Sending bulk SMS is an effective marketing tools that can leads to increase in sales and revenues and it’s absolutely inexpensive and cost savings. This is the best method to approach and retain new and existing customer’s. However, creating a simple message that was expressive, straightforward, persuasive and concise can be quite difficult sometimes. Therefore, below are the suggested solutions and methods that helps to refine the SMS context.

Precise, Clear and Short

As the word limit for single SMS is 160 characters along with the auto add characters of “RM0.00”, hence any additional words that exceeded over 153 characters would caused the SMS to be charged at 2 SMS price. Therefore, please ensure that the messages send are short and clear as possible and ensuring that customers would be able to understand the purpose of the message by just glancing or reading through it.

Personalized SMS

We provide services that allows you to address your target audience directly and appeal to them on the persona level, this personalized SMS campaign can help your marketing efforts stand out from the crowd as in some special occasion, there are messages that needed to be personalized. It is the perfect and highly effective ways for connecting with engaged and loyalty customers’ that allows you to send bulk SMS text messages with unique information for each contact in your database. Hence, this would make the customers to feel appreciated and acknowledge.

Avoid Spam Filters

When sending SMS for campaign, it would be totally unavoidably to run into spam filter issues. SMS that are being filtered as spam will be suspended, deleted and ignored by the recipients. In order to solve these issues, it is highly suggested to used proper terms and remove any slang, abbreviate and sensitive elements in the SMS context as this could help to increase the success rate of the messages being delivered to the recipients and the sender’s brand reputations’.

URLs / Mobile Number

It is highly advisable to include web address (URLs) or contact number in the SMS context, if the contexts of the SMS to be send out to the recipients are extensive or lengthy. Only send the important part of the information in the SMS context. The information on the website should already provide clear information to the recipients and additionally customers’ that visited the website would also leads to the increase of the website traffic.